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KorKor Digital Two Way Radios

How do you keep in touch with your team on the road? Walkie talkie? Cell phone? And how do you keep tabs on their location and safety – knowing where they are if there is an emergency? In the past, you’d have to rely on multiple devices to do all these things. Today, however, there is one tool that will do the lot.

We’ve taken two way radios to a whole new level. We’ve added features that ordinarily can only be found on a mobile phone. And we’ve combined these with GPS fleet tracking and new security features. 

Rather than juggling one-way RTs (where only one person can talk at a time) with other devices, your team can now communicate more effectively using a single device.

Normal conversations are possible. So is group or individual text messaging to and from team phones and your head office.  Voice quality is improved inside the coverage zone. And, unlike analogue, this does not degrade over distance.

Cell phone, 2 way radio and portable GPS system all in one

Incorporating the functionality of a cell phone with two-way radio features, KorKor  also includes a GPS fleet tracking system. Designed to optimise job planning and field staff support, emergency help one-push button activation is a key safety feature.

Aaron Olphert

Aaron Olphert

If you have a team of ten, you’d normally have to dial each one individually to talk to them. The KorKor system enables you to press one button and talk to everyone at the same time.