Cyber security checklist

Top 10 Critical Controls & Mitigation Strategies


Fundamental strategies to protect your organisation

Every day the threat and potential impact of a cyber-attack on your business grows. Knowing where to start when it comes to securing your valuable data and assets can be bewildering. Here’s a checklist of what Aura believes are the Top 10 actions you should be taking to improve your security, based on where we often see companies falling short.

Watch the video as Barry Brailey, Principal Virtual Security Officer at Aura Information Security, explains his top 3 tips for businesses to get started with cyber security.

How did you compile this list?

These controls are based on industry best practice standards (ASD Mitigation Strategies, NZISM and ISO27001/27002) as well as Aura’s own experience helping ANZ organisations improve their security posture.

Why Aura for cyber security?

Since our inception in 2006, our customers have benefited from our holistic security model, ensuring all their information and technology systems are secure and attack-ready.

Who do we work with?

We offer a wide range of services and level of support for government, corporates and medium-sized businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Form a strong line of defence

By focusing on Aura’s Top 10 controls and mitigation strategies, businesses will achieve a marked improvement of their overall security posture.

Top 10 Critical Controls

and Mitigation Strategies

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