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Cloud Strategy & Design

Develop and execute a successful plan for your cloud migration.

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No surprises when making the move

Moving to the cloud doesn't need to be complicated. But ensuring you have the foundations in place to control and optimise your investment does take some planning. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of businesses who have migrated to cloud services only to realise down the track that it was more expensive and complicated than expected. Worse still, they did not achieve their business case or meet stakeholder objectives.

Developing a strategic plan for how your organisation will engage with the cloud and in a secure way is a must to ensure you don't get buyer’s remorse. Our experience is that with good planning, there should be no surprises when moving to the cloud.

Minimise risk & complexity

To better align your business objectives with project outcomes to ensure success you need a Cloud Adoption Framework. This framework allows you make the most of the various services available from cloud providers in a secure, controlled and auditable manner; reducing exposure to unexpected cost, complexity or security risk that can impact on meeting your business case objectives.


Cloud that is 'Secure by Design' 

As part of Kordia, EMRGE has access to the expertise of the award-winning team at Aura Information Security. Comprising some of New Zealand's best VSO consultants and penetration testers, the team at Aura work alongside EMRGE to help add that extra layer of security to any cloud project.

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Remove Security Risk With Rapid

In any Agile deployment, speed is key. But so is security. Thanks to innovative web-shielding service, RedShield, our customers can deploy first and remediate later. 

Find out how we can help your business and whether you qualify for a free two-day consult to help quick-start your programme.

Emrge took us from a state where we had a basic understanding of cloud, to a detailed plan of how to get there and deployed appropriate structures to make sure we did it right.
Roy Cohen
Head of Platforms
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Cloud Adoption Framework Development

Learn how to Develop and execute a successful plan for your cloud migration.

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