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Navigate cloud transformation with Zero Trust

Learn what Zero Trust is and what steps can be helpful to follow to implement the method during your cloud migration.

Getting started with Zero Trust

If you are an IT manager with an existing cloud environment or are planning a cloud migration, this guide is for you. We walk you through the seven pillars of Zero Trust, provide some useful tips and advice, pinpoint possible roadblocks and provide ideas on how to get around them.

What challenges do NZ businesses face?
COVID-19 has accelerated cloud migration plans for many Kiwi businesses, with more than a quarter saying its cloud migrations were rushed. This has led to inefficient security controls being put in place at the time of implementation, potentially leaving businesses at increased risk of cyber-attacks.
How can Zero Trust help?
Zero Trust is a security approach through which businesses authenticate, authorise and verify all users, no matter where or how they are connected. It’s a paradigm shift that assumes a breach and verifies each request as though it originates from an untrusted network, instead of believing everything behind the corporate firewall is safe.
What is it not?
Zero Trust is not about a lack of trust in employees. It’s put in place to create more trust, instead of removing it. When implemented well, Zero Trust can be a win-win for both employees and the organisation, leading to improved engagement, lower costs and higher output. It can be a genuine game-changer.

Find out how to navigate cloud transformation with Zero Trust.

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