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Why patching is fundamental for cyber resilience

30/03/2021 11:12:28 AM | By Kordia

Remember when WannaCry first hit the headlines in 2017? The crypto ransomware attack capitalised on a Microsoft Windows vulnerability, spreading through networks, and holding files ransom with a Bitcoin demand. 

Research reveals big difference between how employees and IT decision makers view cyber security

5/03/2021 11:30:53 AM | By Media Release

The ‘human factor’ has long been a weak link when it comes to cyber security.

Cloud security: What you need to know

19/02/2021 9:39:39 AM | By EMRGE

Modern businesses need their IT environment to be flexible, powerful, and reliable. This is how the cloud excels.

Risk, cost and opportunity loss – how legacy apps hinder your business in the face of growth

19/02/2021 9:39:16 AM | By Logan Ringland

Business focus, shadow IT, managerial changes, technology evolution, apathy, inertia - these are just some of the reasons organisations of today are facing major challenges around digital transformation.  


11/02/2021 11:11:23 AM | By Peter Bailey

Recent cyber breaches have made the dangers of third-party risk clear. In an exploit known as the SolarWinds attack, suspected Russian hackers gained access to multiple United States Government agencies and up to 200 private companies.

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