Why Kordia?

Your organisation wants to connect better
with customers, with your employees,
and with the whole world.


We exist to make businesses like yours
more effective— through speed,
efficiency and total reliability.

For over sixty years, we've been on a rich,
rewarding journey

We're really, really reliable

In 'life or death' situations, such as
maritime and aviation solutions,
we deliver certainty – and apply
the same rigour to your business.

No drama – except
when you want it

The nation’s broadcasters rely on us. So if you’ve watched TV in the last 60 years, you’ve used our network.

Entertainment, news, live sport. Shared moments that stick in the memory. Can you remember an interruption in coverage? Neither can we.

We take security seriously

From protecting hardware to screening vital business data, and
ensuring calls are truly private, we have your interests at heart.

We cast a wide net—but without the holes

Our network connects people from the far reaches of the country to
the densest cities. We also ensure safety of life at sea for over a quarter
of the world’s oceans.

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So what makes us so special?

We're dedicated to business

So you get ‘business ready’ tech—and direct one-to-one attention— with
no consumers clogging up your network or our service centre.

Our services
boost your performance

From connecting remote offices to doing things faster—or in greater
volume—our tools help you manage your solution in real time.

You'd be in
good company, too

Every one of our clients came from
another provider – and every one of them
is still with us today.

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Our projects
run like clockwork

Our people know the technology inside out.
And as expert project managers, they know
how to get the job done – right, first time.


We own the process

On our network, nothing is outsourced—so our
engineers take ownership of your project’s design,
build and maintenance.

We don’t wait for you to ask

From regular health checks to true service—not a
‘call centre’—we are proactive, identifying issues
before they become problems.

Our people are the
best in the industry

‘Experts’, ‘trusted advisers’, ‘our secret weapon’ ...
our clients have called our engineers, project
managers—and, yes, even our sales people—
all these things.

And we love what we do, too.

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