6 Common misconceptions about application shielding

When it comes to web-application shielding there are a lot of misconceptions about its effectiveness. In this white paper, the team at RedShield aim to dispel some of these and highlight why web-application shielding is a smart security choice for businesses.

If a recent audit or penetration test has identified a security flaw, mitigating issues such as out-of-date software or 3rd party applications can take significant time; and leave your business vulnerable to attack. Web-app shielding allows businesses to fix code in their own time… but it is too good to be true?

This white paper dispels six common misconceptions about web-app shielding, including:

1. Fixing code is always better/ more robust/ more secure
2. Shields can be bypassed using special techniques
3. Vulnerabilities are too complex or unique for shielding
and more...


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