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Business leaders the world over are being challenged to innovate and evolve their organisations in the face of COVID-19 disruption. But how do you make it work for your business?

Connecting NZ Business

As the pandemic continues to disrupt around the world, it is fair to say there will be particular challenges to operating in the ‘new normal’ for some time. We’ve developed our online event series to enable conversations on the key cyber security, connectivity and cloud issues businesses need to consider as we recover and rebuild.

These 45 min sessions will cover common challenges faced by all - designed to help you gain access to top insights and practical tools for navigating the new normal.

  • Each event is a moderated conversation with our subject matter expert
  • Opportunity for virtual audience Q&A
  • Each session is recorded and circulated post-event


Episode 8

The long tail of Log4J – why the vulnerability is still a risk

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The Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) has been described as the worst in a decade, with 93% of all cloud environments identified as being at risk. Although the exploit may have disappeared from the headlines (for now), nearly 50% of applications are still not patched or remediated. This is a real concern, given that we are still seeing the same level of attacks since it was disclosed late last year.

Hosted by our CISO Hilary Walton with special guests Redshield Chief Product Officer Matt Taylor, Kordia SecOps Principal Security Consultant Carl Purvis and Martin Lubbe Vulnerability Management Practise Manager we’ll look in depth at Log4J including clarity on what happened, what organisations needed to have done and why. Also real attack data we've seen and a timeline of what a Log4j breach looks like plus tips on preparing for and managing a Zero day vulnerability that is being actively exploited.

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Episode 7

The Cyber State of the Nation

Wednesday 24 Feb, 2:00pm NZT

Ransomware is on the rise, cyber-attacks are affecting more than a third of NZ businesses, and awareness of the Privacy Act 2020 is alarmingly low. Aura’s annual Cyber Security Market Research Report (launched in Nov 2020) has thrown up some interesting insights, and red flags, when it comes to how NZ businesses are faring in the ongoing battle against cyber-attacks.

Join Peter Bailey, GM of Aura Information Security, Kirsten (KP) Patterson, Chief Executive at the Institute of Directors, and Hilary Walton, Kordia Group CISO, as they discuss the research findings and share their views on the challenges that lie ahead for businesses in 2021

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Episode 1

Assessing the risk

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For organisations that have made it through the last few weeks of lockdown, you may now be settling into a ‘new normal’ way of operating. As we become used to operating with new platforms and systems, many organisations are considering how this may change how they function into the future. With many organisations reviewing their risk profile against this new operating model, the security implications should be assessed against each new risk as technology becomes even more central to our way of working.

Join Hilary Walton, Kordia’s CISO and Peter Bailey, GM at Aura Information Security for an informative, balanced discussion on how cyber security can be incorporated into all business risks decisions.

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Episode 5

Cyber Resilience: Patching things up

Thursday 20 August, 2pm NZT/ 12pm AEST

Regular patching of software and applications is a fundamental element of good cyber security practice, yet many businesses aren’t keeping up with fixes for even the most well-known (and exploited) vulnerabilities. The recent news of the high profile vulnerabilities within SAP systems will leave many organisations who rely on these common web-applications to run their business exposed to a breach or cyber - attack. Yet despite the risk, many organisations are reporting it difficult to take the necessary steps to make these apps secure. Hosted by Hilary Walton, join Peter Bailey, GM at Aura Information Security and Sam Pickles, CTO at Redshield as they discuss why businesses are struggling to keep up with patching, what your options are to ‘buy some time’ if patching is too disruptive or your lacking the resources, and other ways to make sure your business is adequately defended against common web-app vulnerabilities.

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Episode 4

Including legacy systems in your cloud migration strategy

Thursday 6 August | 2.00pm NZT

COVID-19 showed us the value of modern systems and infrastructure that support productivity in these disruptive times. However, many organisations still rely on legacy solutions that hold valuable information and processes. How do you include these legacy systems in your cloud migration strategy without having to start from scratch?

Join us for this episode to find out. Hilary Walton, Kordia Group CISO, Matt Green, Head of Cloud Technology & Delivery, and Logan Ringland, Head of Sales, both from Emerging Technology Partners, will discuss how you can modernise your out-of-date apps and outline practical steps for including legacy solutions in your digital transformation journey.

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Episode 3

Evolving cyber security alongside digital transformation

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The pandemic hasn’t slowed cyber criminals down. If anything, the rapid deployment of cloud technology has created a ripe hunting ground for bad actors looking to capitalise on vulnerabilities. With businesses accelerating their use of digital and cloud solutions, how can technology leaders address the heightened cyber risk concerns surrounding such rapid change? Plus ensure their move to the cloud is validating the business need for optimised costs and operational value.

Join Peter Bailey, GM at Aura Information Security, Logan Ringland, Head of Sales at Emerging Technology Partners and Hilary Walton, Kordia Group CISO as they discuss how to make sure your digital transformation projects are secure for today, and the future.

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Special episode

Ransomware- are you next?

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The latest wave of ransomware cyber-attacks targeting New Zealand are designed to infiltrate your business leveraging remote access technologies to lock your systems and hold your sensitive data hostage. Why are these happening and how should businesses respond to the threat?

Join Hilary Walton, CISO at Kordia Group and Peter Bailey, GM at Aura Information Security for this special 30 minute event that discusses practical steps you can take to mitigate the risk of becoming a target, and the best ways to weather the storm should the worst happen.

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Episode 2

Understanding and counteracting hacker behaviours

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Cyber-criminals are spending time exploring networks before they strike. Often they could be in your system gathering data and planning how to cause the most damage to your network operations months before you detect their presence. What are the tools that can help you monitor and get key insight into the security posture of your business network so that you can respond more quickly to a breach and mitigate any damage?

Join Horatiu Pertrescu, Kordia’s Security Operations Centre Team Leader, Peter Bailey, GM at Aura Information Security and Kordia’s CISO Hilary Walton as they discuss how combining technology and people can offer the best outcome to ensure your business is resilient against cyber-attack.

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