The right network will enable your business to achieve its strategic objectives – whether that be shifting to a cloud first model or embracing hybrid working. You need to ensure your people can access the network anytime, anywhere without losing connectivity or compromising on security. 

Kordia’s IntelligentWAN is the flexible, secure solution that ensures your business has the best possible availability and performance of business-critical applications. Our solution makes sure your business is “Best-Connected” with failover and diversity options to maximise uptime and resilience. Reap the productivity benefits of secure low latency connections to public or private cloud providers that host your applications, as well as a common security policy centrally managed from a single management platform.


Prioritise business critical applications and No single point of failure
Direct access to key public and private cloud infrastructure
Extend security to the very edge of your network
Support your hybrid workforce with integrated wi-fi access

Get to know Kordia's Intelligent WAN

Underpinned by Fortinet Technology and our best-connected network.

Kordia’s Intelligent WAN is based on Fortinet technology. This means it delivers both security and SD-WAN connectivity in a single solution, as well as secure switching and Wi-Fi options all managed from a single pane of glass. Our solution leverages in-built mechanisms to ensure you always get the best possible connectivity performance, and is managed and monitored 24/7, 365 days a year from Kordia’s Network Operations Centre (NOC).
As a software-defined service, SD-WAN is designed to quickly adapt to any changes in business, network, and security environments. Through proactive monitoring, real-time visibility, detailed logging and reporting, collaboration tools, and as your 24/7 managed services partner, these changes can be implemented quickly and seamlessly when required.
Superior Connectivity
You get ‘best-connected’ connectivity, enhanced reliability, and world-leading security. In addition, SD-WAN automatically measures critical metrics against a service level agreement (SLA), such as latency, jitter and packet-loss, to ensure link performance. If any SLA failures are detected, traffic is immediately rerouted through application steering and failovers.
Fit for purpose
New Zealand-based businesses require solutions that understand the unique operating conditions of local organisations. As a home-grown New Zealand business, we’ve been delivering connectivity solutions that fit local needs for decades.
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Expertise at your service

Kordia can provide consulting and managed services at every step of your transformation journey to ensure that your project delivers game changing business outcomes and the objectives promised in your business justification.

Kordia has long set the standard for service experience - demonstrated by one of the best Net Promotor Scores in our industry. Underpinning this is decades of experience and specialist experts to support your own team. 



Cyber security is at the forefront of everything we do. Our managed connectivity services leverage a common security fabric to deliver effective, powerful and scalable performance while integrating multiple network and security features within one offering. This provides a network security architecture that provides centralised policy controls and transparent visibility across the entire attack surface.

In addition, Kordia also offers a suite of specialist cyber security services that sit on top of IntelligentWAN to ensure best in class security across your entire environment.

Customer Success

Helping businesses thrive across New Zealand

Kordia is very engaging and the professionalism has allowed us to move on to places that we havent been before with our previous providers - We expect excellence and Kordia deliver that.
Jason Swain
GM Information Systems
Over the past two years in particular, Kordia’s support for Coastguard across our IT functions has been particularly invaluable with employees working remotely due to COVID-19 and our long-term future proofing efforts.
Callum Gillespie
Working with Kordia is awesome. They're big enough to be rock solid and stable but small enough to be able to get the person you want on the phone when you need them.
Mark Thorn
GM of Information Services
video_tile_Cambridge clothing
Kordia's support team have been fantastic. It's great to know that when I contact them I'm dealing with someone who is good at what they're doing immediately.
Chris Parke
IT Manager
Throughout the whole process we always felt that we were listened to and the focus of my job has changed from fire fighting and repair to planning and future projects.
Simon Foley
Data & IT Manager

Chat to an expert at Kordia today

Upgrading your WAN to meet the changing needs of today's hybrid workforce, moving to the cloud or need to refresh your WIFI? Contact us to tell us your story.