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Why managed services expertise adds a robust security layer to hybrid workspaces

By  Kordia,
 6 February 2024

Hybrid work models create unique security challenges. They increase the risk of cyber-attacks and privacy breaches because they depend on a variety of security vendors and technologies and often use networks that aren’t secure. This creates gaps in your security posture. Integrating bring your own device (BYOD) policies further escalates the challenge, as these personal devices frequently bypass standard corporate security measures.

Addressing these vulnerabilities requires a sophisticated network security architecture, one that not only manages BYOD policies effectively but also fortifies distributed networks. Here, the principles of secure access service edge (SASE) and zero trust network access (ZTNA) are crucial, providing centralised policy control and comprehensive visibility to ensure a secure and adaptable network environment, tailored for the complexities of hybrid work. Incorporating specialist managed services and expertise into your team is essential for robust cyber security and network management. This integration provides immediate access to a wide array of advanced skills and resources, ensuring your technological infrastructure is secure and efficiently managed.

By outsourcing your network or security needs to Kordia, businesses get access to the extensive skills and resources of seasoned network engineering and security experts. This integrated approach ensures that your network and security systems are not just managed but are continuously evolving and improving under the guidance of industry-leading professionals, offering a level of support and expertise beyond the reach of typical consultancy services or internal efforts. There are a number of other benefits for organisations with hybrid work models, including:

  • access to top-tier expertise without the associated long-term costs of hiring and retaining permanent staff
  • the ability to concentrate on growth and development strategies while trusted providers handle specific complex tasks
  • scalability and flexibility based on the needs, particularly important for businesses undergoing growth or facing changing market conditions, as they can adjust the level of expertise required without significant disruptions
  • risk mitigation, particularly in areas like compliance and cyber security, to ensure the organisation’s practices are current and effective
  • ability to regularly upgrade with thoroughly tested, integrated security services.

Integrating Kordia’s Intelligent WAN and Fortinet solutions

Integrated with Fortinet security services, Kordia’s Intelligent WAN provides a comprehensive baseline for network security. And, with over 120+ in-house security experts, Kordia can ensure a more dynamic and responsive cyber security posture, particularly beneficial for companies with complex network environments typical of hybrid workspaces.

Incorporating networking and security services, is a core part of this approach. This includes a foundation for security features like SASE and zero trust. With Kordia’s Intelligent WAN, users have the flexibility to either leverage Kordia’s comprehensive security suite or integrate their own solutions across the WAN, supported by the expertise offered by Kordia experts.

This unified network management ensures secure branch operations and offers several key benefits, including:

  • a robust security framework for hybrid workplaces, encompassing every aspect from user access to data integrity
  • centralised policy controls, delivering an overarching view and control over the entire network
  • significantly reduces the complexity of managing cyber security in a distributed network setup
  • integration to existing security systems, offering a flexible and resilient security fabric that adapts to different connectivity options
  • managed wi-fi and switching options provide the ability to extend security to the edge of the network, regardless of how people connect to the network

 Why organisations should choose Kordia for their hybrid workplace

A business’s WAN should effectively leverage all connectivity options to ensure the best connection and include failover and diversity features for enhanced uptime and resilience. It’s important that whichever connectivity option is chosen integrates well with the security setup, supporting the company’s end users without compromising security.

Kordia has extensive expertise in business transformation, backed by a strong track record as a highly qualified Fortinet managed security services provider (MSSP) in New Zealand, and ensures projects undertaken meet and exceed expectations. As an MSSP, Kordia offers a comprehensive suite of connectivity options, continuously monitored for resilience and performance, and bolstered by in-house specialist knowledge. Its services go beyond the WAN, encompassing cloud and security integration, with a focus on developing network strategies that align with and surpass the organisation’s objectives.

To align with your business objectives and build a resilient platform for whatever comes next, contact the Kordia team today.