Managed Security Services

Robust security monitoring & faster response to threats.


Automated and intelligent detection and response

Our goal is to provide complete cyber threat detection and response. Our people and systems provide contextualised threat analysis and rapid response to malicious threats as they arise in our customers' environment.  

In today’s dynamic and evolving threat environment, internal security teams don’t have the time or resources to analyse emerging threats. That’s where customers can trust Kordia’s Cyber Defence Operations (CDO) to deliver managed security services. 

Introducing Kordia's Cyber Defence Operations (CDO)

Kordia's CDO works as an extension of a businesses security team providing them with a level of assurance that frees them up to focus on other operations.

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Market-leading, highly experienced cyber security expertise, delivered as an end-to-end service - providing on-going guidance, support and protection of your most important assets.

Together we are stronger

With one of the largest cyber security teams in New Zealand who act as an extension to your own team, we have all the expertise you need to provide a unified approach to security.  

Around the clock protection

Kordia’s 24/7, 365 managed security services and best in class technology can integrate with a host of other security services, providing you complete oversight and management of your security and network environment.

Tailored Results & Insights

We align our industry knowledge and expertise to your priorities. With dedicated research we continually evolve our managed security services ensuring best practice is applied at all times - giving you peace of mind and continued assurance.


Vulnerability Management

Cyber threats are ever-evolving; making timely identification, classification and continuous scanning for vulnerabilities critical to keep you protected. Our Inspect service takes a risk-based approach to vulnerability management by utilising best in class assessment technology, coupled with our highly skilled specialists, to ensure your organisation’s risk exposure is appropriately managed providing continuous assurance. With tailored establishment and deployment best practice , we ensure on-going sufficient and effective risk management. This is supported by recommendations and reporting suitable for any audience.

Incident Response

In the face of a cyber-attack, our highly skilled and experienced incident response team is on hand when your business needs it most. Our team support you by executing a business impact assessment based response model, coupled with real-world incident response experience. This underscores our ability to assess how an incident occurred, provide analysis, make recommendations, and assist with remediation to minimise the impact. We focus on providing assurance support so key assets and services can be restored and a secure return to business is achieved in a timely manner.
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Intrusion Detection & Prevention

An intrusion detection and prevention system adds another crucial layer of defence should any cyber threats target your business. Our security experts research and analyse information from sources localised and globally to identify new cyber-attack techniques, possible vulnerabilities in existing systems, and potential threats as they emerge. This expertise is then used to fine tune your system, safeguard your assets, and keep important business traffic flowing and data protected.

Web App Protection

Web application security requires a Controls and Risk based approach to provide acceptable levels of assurance. In the complex and everchanging web application stack, the threat surface is constantly expanding and changing. It is therefore important to assess the continuous risk and vulnerabilities presented on regular basis. Web application security assists organisations to build and continuously protect internet facing applications, services, servers and APIs. The people, process and technology are key to providing this effective control. We have the experience, capability and technology partnerships to deliver this holistic approach to safeguarding your applications.

Cloud Protection

Cloud Security is a fundamental security requirement for most organisations. With the prolific adoption of cloud based services, the threat surface has moved well beyond the traditional firewall protected perimeter. Cloud Security Posture Management needs to encapsulate all the cloud services your organisation utilises. This requires expertise across standard mainstream cloud providers such as Microsoft, AWS and GCP, however it also requires capability across private cloud and platform centric technologies. We have the experience and knowledge of how to assist organisations with cloud adoption in a progressive and risk based approach.

Modern Workplace Cyber Protect

As organisations migrate to zero trust architectures, it’s vital to understand where modern workplace security plays a role in providing assurance. Email is still a primary threat vector for malicious compromise attempts, as is endpoint exploitation. We have the best in class people, process and technology components to assist organisations to manage this threat surface. This high value service ensures policies are tuned and enforced to block attackers. The 24x7x365 component enables our customers to have peace of mind as these attacks take place constantly.

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Adrian Collins
Cyber Defence Operations Manager
Safeguard: Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
Inspect: Vulnerability management
Incident & Response
Email protect
Endpoint Protect


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