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Cloud Calling

Kordia’s calling solutions are trusted by some of New Zealand's most well-known brands.

Work from anywhere

Kordia offers a portfolio of leading managed Unified Communication services directly to our customers including Webex Calling, Vadacom Cloud PBX and our managed Microsoft Teams solution.

Kordia also offers approved SIP trunking solutions where our customers want a BYOC (bring your own carrier) solution for a 3rd party PBX solution. Kordia has completed type approval testing with some of the worlds most well-known PBX and Unified Communications vendors and providers.

Vendor Certified

When you make an investment in a cloud calling or unified technology solution, you want to know that the features you were sold on will be supported by your calling provider and that the call quality wont leave you disappointed.

Kordia has completed certification and interop testing with many of the largest vendors – so you know you will be in good hands.

Modern Workplace

Take advantage of Microsoft’s Modern Workplace including it’s voice capability with the proven capability and reliability of Kordia Voice and Direct Routing. 

Kordia’s cloud hosted SBC’s in both New Zealand and Australia connect directly into Microsoft and when you combine this with Kordia’s comprehensive Microsoft connectivity such as ExpressRoute, peering and Azure Peering Service, all your business applications are now on-net Kordia all the way to Microsoft. That’s a real boost in performance. Kordia can even manage the migration and support of your Teams phone system users.

Global Voice

Business is global and you need to have the right voice connectivity to take your business to the world. Through our partnership with Pure-IP, we can provide phone numbers in more than 110 international locations and PSTN replacement options in more than 40 countries.

With voice switches located in New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, London and Singapore you know you will always be best connected.

0800 Calling & Fraud Detection

We provide 0800 termination and call features – such as geographic and time of day routing – and provide numbers in more than 100 countries.

We utilise a number of fraud detection methods to minimise the risk of fraud, including unusual destination monitoring, spend limit thresholds and unusual call profiles.

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Working from anywhere

Read how Kordia partnered with Exeed to integrate voice with Microsoft Teams, enabling 65 core staff to work seamlessly from home.

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