DevOps Frameworks

Rapidly test and deploy without disrupting your business.

Cloud DevOps

Frameworks that support agile

The need for rapid application development and iteration has become increasingly critical as organisations embrace Agile working.

DevOps frameworks are a collection of tools and services that enable rapid development, helping developers compile and release code updates in a controlled, verified and efficient manner.

Cloud DevOps 2

Get the most out of your development projects

With the availability of microservices and other PaaS services, a development team can deploy code updates and revisions many times a day, as opposed to waiting for large and infrequent “patch and update” windows. This ensures an organisation can remain nimble and rapidly test product updates, without disrupting the wider business.

Kordia has extensive experience working with organisations to design and refine DevOps frameworks. We can help your developers become 'rockstars' by improving efficiency and effectiveness through automation and the integration of new tools.  

Talk to us about developing your DevOps skill in-house or leveraging our expert team to help accelerate your migration and modernisation journey.

"Kordia took us from a state where we had a basic understanding of cloud, to a detailed plan of how to get there and deployed appropriate structures to make sure we did it right."
Roy Cohen
Head of Platforms


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