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Cyber-attacks are on the rise. Protecting your network, the information your business environment depends on, and the customer data you're trusted to hold, from cyber threats and data breaches is paramount. Commercial losses, reputational damage, or disruption to operations, are all possible should your business fall victim to a cyber-attack.

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The world we live in is increasingly connected, with remote working fast becoming the norm.

The increase in flexible and remote working, combined with widespread adoption of cloud-based SaaS applications, and an increased reliance on the Internet, means that for many businesses, the ability to protect their network and data is becoming increasingly complex, and costly.

Kordia works alongside a wide range of businesses to help them understand and better manage their cyber security risk.

This includes GAP analysis and policy review, through to penetration testing of external-facing assets (e.g. websites and web applications), the introduction of policies and procedures, and introducing smart  technology that's designed to add an extra layer of defence for your business and its employees.

Kordia also has a range of training modules designed to help ensure employees, web developers, and Executive leaders, understand their role in protecting your organisations from an attack. 

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With a focus on people, process and technology, Aura Security Essentials is an information security service that offers you a sound foundation of cyber hygiene measures and controls designed to mitigate the risk from common internet-based threats. Resolving these issues reduces the likelihood of a data or privacy breach.


Gap Analysis


Password Audit


Internal Inventory


Security Hotline


Policy Review & Creation


Network Vulnerability Assessment


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Design & Test

The only way to know if you’re secure against an attack is to test your defences.

We’ve got the specialist skills to identify issues and help you design a secure solution, to make sure you avoid a catastrophic breach.

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Education & Training

The threats are real. We can open your organisation’s eyes to the risks and why your staff should care. We show you why information security matters and how you can protect yourself and your business with effective security policies. We offer a range of training options to suit your needs; from general staff, to your software developers to company management and the board. Good security starts with employee awareness. Some of the training options include:



Security Awareness
Learn how to protect yourself, your business and employees from today’s threats using online self-paced modules.



Governance & Risk
Learn the fundamentals of information security governance, risk and compliance.



Secure Web Development
Learn how to design and build secure applications to OWASP standards.


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Post-Attack Rapid Response      

In the event of a cyber-attack, how can you get back up and running as quickly as possible?

We can provide the rapid support you need and also help prevent future breaches by managing your risk and putting the right policies and governance in place.

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The Information Security Specialists

Kordia customers benefit from the expertise of New Zealand’s leading cyber-security business – Aura Information Security a division of Kordia.

No matter how unique your business or security requirements are, Aura’s hand-selected team of consultants will work alongside you to ensure your business is secure and protected from attack.

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Top 10 Critical Controls & Mitigation Strategies

Aura Information Security outline the Top 10 mitigation strategies that your organisation should be looking at today.


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