Experienced security consultants to help your business understand its cyber risk profile.

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Assessing the risk 

Protecting your network, and your business and customers' information, from cyber threats and data breaches can be challenging. 

Mitigating the impacts of a potential cyber incident relies on a thorough understanding of your risks, a defined cyber strategy and ongoing governance to ensure you have the appropriate controls in place to prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks and breaches.

Aura works as your trusted advisor to develop your risk management approach and benchmark against industry best practices such as ISO27001 or the NIST Cyber Security Framework. 

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Organisation Security Assessments

A robust approach to cyber security is vital for any organisation.


An Organisational Security Assessment is a full review of your security policies and practices, using either internationally recognised frameworks, such as NIST CSF, ISO27001 or the CIS Critical Controls, or Aura’s own 31 domain assessment process.

We equip you with a strategic document that outlines where your security practices are today and where they should be, using a multi-year roadmap, to become a cyber-mature organisation.  


Gap Assessment 






CIS Critical Controls v8 


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Security Assessments 

Cyber security is ultimately about risk. Aura will work with your technical teams and stakeholders to understand your key assets, harm scales, risk matrix, threat actors, threats and vulnerabilities to identify and evaluate your risks. Aura will also assess how effective your existing controls are at mitigating these risks and recommend additional steps to bolster your defences.


Services Include: 


Threat Modelling


Security Risk Assessments 


Privacy Impact Assessment 


Controls Validation Assessment 


Third Party Assessments 


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Virtual CISO 

Our vCISO team consists of industry experts who can provide your business with complete oversight of your security fabric, and guidance to ensure you keep pace with changes in technology and the ever-evolving threat landscape. 


Many organisations face challenges in resourcing this role, so our Virtual CISO services provides skills, experience and expertise as required. 

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Continuous Assurance 

Continuous Assurance bundles activities such as risk assessments, configuration reviews, and penetration testing into an ongoing engagement with a continuous improvement focus.


Risk Assessments


Configuration reviews


Penetration testing 




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Cloud & Architecture Reviews

Aura provides a range of services that review your organisation’s security architecture, solution designs, and cloud implementations. 

Services Include: 


Security Architecture Review 


Cloud Configuration Reviews 


Security Design Review 




Trusted by NZ Businesses to keep them secure

In the real world, your security posture will be tested by malicious agents. We can do the same, but under controlled conditions. This is one of the best ways to understand your vulnerabilities, and prepare your business for the eventual attacks.
Frans Lategan
Principal Security Consultant
Aura’s security review and the resulting recommendations really helped us improve our IT security systems and procedures
Michael Potter
IT Manager, Kawasaki Motors Australia
In my experience, Aura have been awesome! They know what they’re doing, are easy to work with, do a fantastic job at a great price and nothing is ever a problem.
Paula Keene
Applications Manager, FlyBuys NZ
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Five step guide to managing third-party cyber risk

Managing third-party cyber risk can be a complex and daunting exercise, especially for large organisations with a vast array of suppliers and vendors.

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