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Work from Anywhere

Artificial Intelligence-powered cloud calling

#workfromanywhere with Dialpad

Dialpad is an artificial intelligence-powered cloud calling platform targeted at businesses ranging small SMBs to global, enterprise organisations. It covers voice, video, messages and meetings and works on devices you and your team already use every day, so it’s designed to let you #workfromanywhere.

Ideal for businesses in service-related industries, Dialpad's voice intelligence (VI) allows organisations to be more efficient in their day-to-day communications and learn more from customer conversations. From automating note-taking to detecting customer sentiments, VI is propelling enterprise communications into the future.

Kordia is the exclusive SIP / calling provider for Dialpad in New Zealand. 


Advanced features that provide valuable insight for ongoing business improvements
Dialpad's solution enables fast setup, hassle-free deployment, and easy ongoing user management.
Dialpad’s platform delivers AI across every employee and customer experience. Get real-time transcriptions, live agent coaching, sentiment analysis, and so much more.
Dialpad pairs perfectly with all the apps you love like Salesforce, Zendesk, Teams, Google Workspace and more.

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