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An environment where our team of proud, diverse and capable experts can thrive.

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Our Purpose

At Kordia we believe our people have a role to play in the overall success of the business

Through building strong relationships, harnessing the best technology and the skill of our team, we fulfil our purpose of building connections you can trust; that make our digital world more secure, reliable and resilient.

This is why we’re committed to creating engaged and inclusive teams – where diversity is celebrated, mental health and wellbeing initiatives are embraced, and the best health and safety practices are in place to ensure our people get home safe.

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Engaged and Inclusive teams

We understand that a diverse range of perspectives and experiences makes our business a better place. We’re committed to increasing our gender and ethnicity balance, through recruitment and entry level programmes designed to create pathways for a wide range of different people to join our team.

We’re committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, ensuring that every one of our employees feels safe, respected, empowered and able to achieve their goals and potential. 

Everyone at Kordia is required to embrace our inclusion principles, by treating each other with respect and dignity; and doing our part to ensure the workplace is safe and harmonious.

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A safe workplace for all

At Kordia our goal is Zero Harm in the workplace.

We do this by ensuring that all employees, contractors and visitors Get Home Safely; providing a safe and healthy workplace; and fostering our culture of looking after people.

From managing wellness and mental health, to supporting our employees working on sites, we’re committed to embedded health and safety into every aspect of our business, so our people can come to work in an environment where they feel safe and empowered.

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Sustainable business

We see ourselves as the Katiakitanga of the networks, and air, sea and land that we operate in.

Our ambition is to create zero waste and harm to the environment and achieve our goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2026.

From sustainable procurement policies, to minimising our impact on the land, and relentlessly pursuing energy and fuel efficiency, we’re implementing a range of initiatives to reduce our footprint and protect the environment.

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Join the Kordia Team

Take your career to the next level and work with some of the best technical minds in a highly supportive and flexible culture.

We focus on service and the management of business outcomes, rather than just providing technology.

We have the courage to embrace challenges and create opportunities. Our strength is our people.

We support our ambitions through a culture of respect and continuous learning. We ensure everyone has a voice, leading to our collective success.
We are a team of professionals with a range of expertise who work together to find the best solutions. We are driven by the relentless pursuit of knowledge and growth.
Our people build mutually rewarding and collaborative relationships with each other, our customers and partners. Together we deliver better outcomes.
We value relationships built on honesty and transparency. We deliver on our promises to our people, our customers and partners.

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