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The principal objective of Kordia Group Limited and its subsidiaries is to be a commercially successful business. Kordia is wholly-owned by the Crown but is not part of the public service. We are a state-owned enterprise (SOE), a commercial entity. Our shareholders are the Minister of Finance and the Minister for State-Owned Enterprises, on behalf of the Crown.

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Business Strategy

Increasing the value of shareholder investment shapes our business strategy. Business policies are designed to maximise the net present value (cash inflows over time, minus cash outflows) of future earnings, based on a long-term perspective of those earnings.



Although we are an SOE, we operate as a commercial entity with the purpose of making a profit.


The Kordia board have oversight of three committees: Audit & Risk, People & Culture, and Health & Safety.



  • Audit & Risk Committee

    The Audit & Risk Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities by providing recommendations, counsel and information concerning its accounting and reporting responsibilities under the Companies Act 1993 and related legislation. Its Terms of Reference also cover the role of Internal Audit and financial risk management and health and safety governance.

  • Health & Safety Committee

    The Health & Safety Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities by developing and promoting a healthy, safe and sustainable environment for all employees and visitors to our facilities through the involvement of all individuals, including through education, communication and safe work practices.

  • People & Culture Committee

    The People & Culture Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities by providing advice and recommendations regarding the appropriate levels of remuneration for executives.

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