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Resilience, Reliability and Availability 

For more than two decades, Kordia has been selling a range of wholesale services that are specifically designed to enable retail service providers to add their own value. And, with one of the country’s largest networks – and coverage just about everywhere – Kordia’s solutions and services are more than competitive.

Our focus is on providing high-quality voice and data services so that our customers can focus on growing their own businesses and marketing great services to their customers.

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How it works

When you work with Kordia, you automatically leverage our investment in network infrastructure and service, lowering your cost of entry. We design solutions that best fit your needs, rather than trying to force a round peg into a square hole. With a mature wholesale model, and hundreds of satisfied customers, you can trust us to be honest and upfront.

Behind our network, we have more than 200 field technicians who install, maintain and repair our network around the clock. If there’s an issue, we don’t hide it. We take ownership and get it sorted.

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We make sure connections to your end customers are always the best performing service option available. In other words, we ensure a consistent 'best-connected' outcome.
Our wholesale service delivers backhaul over a reliable and robust backbone network to where you need it. We anticipate your backhaul needs and adjust to suit. Our nationwide network interconnect sites include all of the UFB POIs and many other access provider and Data Centre locations with services options up to 100Gbps
If you need full-time operation of your network hardware and connections but cannot provide a suitable environment, our co-location service may be the answer. Our sites provide a fit-for-purpose and cost-effective solution for the deployment of communications infrastructure throughout the country.
We provide consistent, low latency internet with a number of peering and security options.

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