Application Modernisation

Gain increased security, performance and longevity, as well as enabling a more agile platform for the future.

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Cloud Application Modernisation

Quickly integrate new technologies

Many organisations have legacy apps that are deeply embedded with other applications and business processes. But as businesses begin to adopt new cloud-based ways of working, it can be difficult to integrate these legacy apps due to architectural limitations. Over time, these legacy applications become inhibitors to change, productivity and growth.

With the increased availability and array of services available through “Platform as a Service” (PaaS), it is now more efficient than ever to modernise applications that would historically have required significant and expensive code re-writes.

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Re-platform your apps into the cloud

Kordia can help you modernise your critical legacy apps and re-platform them into the cloud, helping you capitalise on the innovation and optimisation tools available, while reducing your risk and costs.

We specialise in breaking applications down to their component parts and applying modern methodologies and technologies that can be integrated into the rebuild of these applications. This provides increased security, performance and longevity, as well as enabling a more agile platform for the future.

Speak to us today about your modernisation requirements, and whether you qualify for two days of free consulting.

Kordia took us from a state where we had a basic understanding of cloud, to a detailed plan of how to get there and deployed appropriate structures to make sure we did it right.
Roy Cohen
Head of Platforms
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