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Building connections you can trust, that make our digital world more secure, reliable and resilient.

Network resilience has become essential for New Zealand businesses of all sizes.

Kordia understands the unique challenges businesses face and provides high-performance solutions – including SD-WAN, SecureWAN, 4G Failover and more – to make sure you're best connected and well prepared for the worst-case scenario. 

Business networks today are mission-critical

We understand how ‘mission-critical’ connectivity and reliability is for business. It’s our team that keeps essential services like New Zealand’s broadcast and maritime safety networks, running, even in the harshest conditions – and we take this same approach to all our customers’ networks. When was the last time the six o'clock news didn’t make the air?

Kordia owns and operates a core network configured to ensure maximum availability and reach. Our simple and scalable network infrastructure makes it easy for our customers to add services and applications without complex upgrades or design changes. Kordia also has handovers with all the major access providers, with 100 percent UFB coverage, as well as connections into all the major data centres and to a number of global destinations.


Your network doesn’t need to be restrained by your office walls. Our SecureWan service options connect your offices to Internet, cloud and voice services globally. Our traffic engineering means that you never have to worry about ‘bursty’ applications like the Internet impacting on your business-critical services like voice or video conferencing.

Kordia can provide you with a wide range of connectivity options in New Zealand, and globally. With SecureWan, we deliver voice, data, internet and security services wherever you operate. It’s that simple.


Unsure what SD-WAN option is right for your business? Our experts will work alongside you to identify and implement either your own choice of SD-WAN technology, or Kordia’s own SD-WAN solution. We also offer both fully-managed or co-managed services.

Connectivity to the cloud

When your major business applications are hosted in the cloud, it’s important that you have a consistent, secure and reliable connection to your cloud infrastructure, regardless of your location. We provide a direct connection to key local and international data centres such as Amazon Web Services, Google or Microsoft Azure. With low latency and enhanced security options, it’s like the cloud is in your office.

Internet of Things

Industrial IoT has the opportunity to enable significant resource efficiencies for your business. Kordia are the Australasian experts and can provide consultative advice on solutions that fit individual business problems. Whether its devices, sensors, connectivity or analysis platforms we can help.

mission-critical connectivity

network resilience for New Zealand
businesses of all sizes
Relying on a single connection to the outside world for a business-critical site is a disaster waiting to happen. Diversity provides increased availability, performance and resiliency for mission-critical sites or for more remote sites where the time to repair may be longer. This can be done with diverse fibre, microwave radio or a cellular connection, depending on your requirements.
As a business-only telecommunications company, you’ll get consistent, low latency, high performance whenever you’re online. Your business-critical applications are protected from other data-hungry services and you don’t have to worry about data caps. What’s more, we peer with the major cloud services providers to ensure internet-based services perform consistently and securely.
Remote Backup & Restore
If everything goes wrong, the costs of data loss could put you out of business so remote backup and restore is essential. Kordia captures, encrypts, compresses and sends your data to our data centre for secure storage and in the event of a major IT disaster, you can deliver your replicated data to a new site at the click of a button.
4G Failover
Over the years, we’ve built a nationwide TV broadcast network that reaches most of the population, which means we’ve learned a thing or two about ensuring continuity. Keep your business running uninterrupted with cellular failover connectivity, where your network will switch to a 4G failover connection in the event of an outage.
Working with Kordia is awesome. They're big enough to be rock solid and stable but small enough to be able to get the person you want on the phone when you need them.
Mark Thorn
GM of Information Services
Kordia is very engaging and the professionalism has allowed us to move on to places that we havent been before with our previous providers - We expect excellence and Kordia deliver that.
Jason Swain
GM Information Systems


Download our discussion paper to help assess which network option is best for your business.
Our Approach

Accelerate, optimise & secure your business

Quadfecta - Full

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, with more than a third of Kiwi businesses suffering a cyber security breach over the past year, and half being successfully targeted by a ransomware attack*. It’s not a matter of if your business will be attacked, it’s a matter of when.

Kordia has New Zealand’s most comprehensive suite of security products and services, provided by an in-house team of experts who have made it their mission to create an online environment where New Zealand businesses can thrive.

*Aura Information Security Market Research Report November 2020.


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For any business, having fast, reliable, and secure network connectivity is critical. With its own nationwide network, an in-house team of expert engineers and technicians, and partnerships with all the major cloud providers, Kordia is trusted to keep some of New Zealand’s most well-known brands ‘best-connected’, something it does through a wide range of services and solutions. Kordia’s solutions include:


Cloud Connectivity


SecureWAN & SD-WAN




4G Failover


Internet of Things


Diverse access


Cloud Transportation

Modern businesses need their IT environment to be flexible, powerful, and reliable. This is where the cloud excels. However, by default, cloud enablement projects are often difficult to manage. You need to know where to start, what new technologies to leverage, and how to translate these ideas into tangible business benefits.

That’s where Kordia’s in-house cloud division EMRGE can help. EMRGE is a specialist cloud migration and transformation consultancy, delivering business-critical infrastructure and cloud technology projects. The team provide strategic planning, architecture, design, implementation and managed services for businesses and organisations of all sizes. 


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Modern Workplace

Today’s complex business landscape has given rise to the ‘modern workplace’ – one that centres around the need for employees to work anywhere, anytime, on a device that suits them, with robust security end to end. To do this effectively, businesses need a trusted technology partner by their side.

Kordia’s in-house team of experts work alongside a wide range of businesses to help them navigate their digital transformation journey effectively and securely – regardless of how far along they are. From 24/7 desktop support, hardware & device procurement to Modern Workplace Strategy & Design, our independent divisions Base2 and EMRGE have you covered.


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