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Shield web-application vulnerabilities from cyber attacks — so you can get on with business.


Your business is highly dependent on its web-applications for its day-to-day operations and transactions. But, with new security threats discovered on a near daily basis, protecting these web-apps can be challenging – particularly if you have a project deadline to meet.

Whether you have recently failed a compliance audit, have legacy code, or 3rd party applications that are leaving you open to attack; or, if a penetration test has identified security issues – RedShield can help protect potentially vulnerable web-apps from attack. Watch the video below to see how RedShield works. 

Keep web-apps up-and-running
When a vulnerability is discovered, it’s often not an easy or quick fix. While there's intense time pressure to remediate the issue, competition for internal resource and budget can slow things down. RedShield enables businesses to keep their web-facing apps up-and-running, without exposing their business, or customers, to cyber threats.
Target threats immediately
The average time between discovering a vulnerability and fixing it is 893 days...plenty of time for an attack to happen. RedShield's award-winning, fully-managed service takes an innovative and highly-effective approach to web-app shielding: shield first, then fix later as time and budget allows. Better yet, it can often mitigate vulnerabilities within hours.
Get started quickly and easily
Getting started with RedShield is simple. Businesses pay a monthly fee for the service, rather than having to invest in a large development project which could take months to deploy. This means RedShield is both cost-effective and effective in safeguarding businesses from attack. Kordia is the exclusive agent for RedShield in New Zealand.


Quickly secure your most important applications, and easily build this over time. Find out if our RedShield Express Package is right for your business.

How Shielding helps
Rapid incident response
​If you have been hacked and need rapid mediation and best practice protection before you can get back online – we can achieve this in hours or days, not weeks, months or years.
Extend application life​
Whether it is months or years, we buy you the time to replace apps when the business case is appropriate, not dictated by security defects and risks. You’re safe until you’re ready to change.
Meet deadlines
With product launches and compliance deadlines, failure is not an option. We improve development speed and help you meet compliance obligations while being more secure.
Defer patches and upgrades
Upgrading requires substantial resources and can have unforeseen knock-on effects, potentially impacting your business. You you can ignore them while keeping your business secure.
Effective vulnerability management
The majority of breaches are caused by just 3% of vulnerabilities. Our risk-based management system addresses the known ones immediately and responds to new threats in near real time.
Lower security costs
The tools and resource required to run an effective 24/7 security operation can be prohibitive for some organisations. RedShield provides a proven solution to give you an extra layer of defence.

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