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Security training courses designed specifically to address all your security requirements.

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The Knowledge to stay ahead 

With the right education and tools, your people can become an effective first line of defence against incoming cyber-attacks.

Phishing attacks are one of the number one cause of cyber incidents for businesses, with cyber criminals looking to exploit your employees to gain a foothold in your IT environment. 

Ensuring your employees are aware of cyber risks, and how to mitigate these, is the first step to building a robust cyber security culture in your organisation.

Designed by a team of passionate cyber experts with specialist capabilities in cyber education and awareness, our programmes can be adapted depending on your needs, audience, and industry, from general staff to your software developers to company management and the board.

Cyber Security Education & Training

The first step is to review your organisation’s current state to ensure you will achieve your education and awareness goals, and set a clear baseline. This is the best foundation before building an effective programme to suit your organisation’s specific needs in the following areas.

Good security requires a top-down approach with board and executive endorsement. We run executive workshops for corporate and government organisations. These can be tailored to your business’ individual needs and cover a range of topics from making cyber security a boardroom issue, through to fostering a cyber-aware culture.
Your people are the first line of defence. That’s why they need to have the right education and training to make a real difference to the security posture of your organisation. Our training helps employees get up to speed on today’s cyber threats and what role they can play in mitigating these, as well as teaching them how to implement best practice information security.
CyberWise Web/ LMS Training
We’ve developed a New Zealand centric cyber awareness course suitable for your own learning management system made up of 6 x 4-minute modules, with a learning test at the end of each module. This allows the deployment of a module every month or two, rather than the annual fire and forget approach.
Often an organisation’s most prominent and valuable attack surface, web applications are under constant attack and it’s remarkably easy for a developer or administrator to make minor mistakes that have catastrophic consequences. In this two-day course, the latest attacks and defences will be explained and discussed. This course focuses on participants gaining an understanding of the OWASP Top 10 most common web attacks with hands-on lab exercises attacking web applications using free, industry standard security testing tools. Training also includes modules on cryptography, Secure SDLC and advanced attacks.
Governance of information security is essential to managing information and security risks. This course focuses on the fundamentals of information security governance, risk, and compliance concerns. We cover the principles of information asset classification, risk assessment and control selection across your organisation coupled with understanding security policies and procedures including Business Continuity Protection, Disaster Recovery and Incident Management and Information assurance and best practice.

Trusted by NZ Businesses to keep them secure

In the real world, your security posture will be tested by malicious agents. We can do the same, but under controlled conditions. This is one of the best ways to understand your vulnerabilities, and prepare your business for the eventual attacks.
Frans Lategan
Principal Security Consultant
Aura’s security review and the resulting recommendations really helped us improve our IT security systems and procedures
Michael Potter
IT Manager, Kawasaki Motors Australia
Since doing Aura’s developer training, our team has approached coding from a far more real attack-and-defence perspective, giving the system the security and robustness we need.
Rod Drury
CEO, Xero
In my experience, Aura have been awesome! They know what they’re doing, are easy to work with, do a fantastic job at a great price and nothing is ever a problem.
Paula Keene
Applications Manager, FlyBuys NZ
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Five step guide to managing third-party cyber risk

Managing third-party cyber risk can be a complex and daunting exercise, especially for large organisations with a vast array of suppliers and vendors.


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