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Fast, reliable and safe connection to the cloud

When most of your network traffic is destined for the internet or cloud-based applications, you need to be certain that your services are secure and that they perform reliably and consistently. You also need to be sure your business has direct access to the common cloud service providers and that an outage in your network won’t stop you dead in your tracks. We call this being ‘best connected’. 

If you use more than one public cloud service, the good news is that all the market leading cloud applications are now on your doorstep with a Best Connected Cloud service from Kordia. Our Best connected cloud services all utilise private direct connections to your cloud provider to ensure security, performance and resilience.

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The Cloud Transformation Specialists

Our specialist in-house cloud migration and transformation consultancy, delivers business-critical infrastructure and cloud technology projects.

If you need further advice and clarity on how to leverage the right cloud solutions for your business, our specialist consultancy Kordia are on hand to offer strategic advice. As a Microsoft Azure Gold partner, we specialise in workload transformation to Azure, with notable skill in containerisation, microservices, application modernisation and DevOps practices.


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