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Move applications to a modern, secure & scalable platform.

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All the benefits without re-writing your code

When businesses want to re-platform an application, but discover that it can’t be moved without re-development, what can be done? Do you spend often tens of thousands of dollars re-platforming or is there another solution?

Containers and Kubernetes can present a new way forward. They can enable legacy applications to be moved into modern, secure, portable and scalable platforms in a cost-effective manner, without the need to completely rewrite the code. It may also mean applications running on unsupported legacy operating systems could be moved to more modern operating systems.

Cloud Containers & Kubernetes 23

Specialist support

Kordia's team are New Zealand’s experts in leveraging containers and Kubernetes for businesses of all sizes. We also provide a robust managed service to support and maintain container platforms and images and can help modernise your legacy applications from containers to true PaaS functionality when the time is right.

Speak to us today to see how our skill in containers can help you transform your system state, and whether you qualify for 2 days of free consulting to support your modernisation goals.

Kordia took us from a state where we had a basic understanding of cloud, to a detailed plan of how to get there and deployed appropriate structures to make sure we did it right.
Roy Cohen
Head of Platforms


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