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The Intelligent WAN

Kordia’s Intelligent WAN leverages our "Best-Connected" strategy with the option for full QoS support and application steering in a unique and differentiated offering developed specifically for New Zealand businesses.

Our approach uses SD-WAN technology as an overlay, sitting on MPLS technology as its underlay. We utilise either Fortinet or Cisco Meraki technology depending on your requirements and provide options for managed switching and Wi-Fi under a single pane of glass for management.

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The Secure Branch

If your business is embracing hybrid working, you need to ensure you have the right connectivity in place to provide a secure and convenient environment for your team. Wi-Fi provides easy access for users to connect seamlessly in a hot desking environment; and then there’s the need to provide support for both company provided and BYOD devices with patching and system updates. 

Kordia’s Secure Branch approach integrates SD-WAN, LAN and WLAN services so they adopt a common security policy and are centrally managed from a common management platform. This provides integrated security, extending a security layer to all devices connected to the network.

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For over 65 years, Kordia has brought television and radio into Kiwi homes using the same technologies that modern day Wi-Fi is built on.

We have deployed wireless networks in some of New Zealand’s most challenging places such as remote manufacturing sites, wireless-only offices and unique coverage environments like ports, industrial plants and mines. We can design a network to meet your needs, especially where coverage and performance are critical, or a challenging environment requires it. 

As Wi-Fi increasingly becomes the default for many businesses, the need for high-performance and reliable networks has never been greater.  Our history establishes us as a Wi-Fi partner of choice. 

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Cyber security is at the forefront of everything we do.  We understand that complexity is the enemy of good security and that services need to be easy to use or end users will find a way to circumvent them. Our managed connectivity services leverage a common security fabric to deliver an effective, powerful and scalable performance while integrating multiple network and security features within one offering. It also requires a network security architecture that provides centralised policy controls and transparent visibility across the entire attack surface.

Kordia also offers a number of specialist cyber security services that sit on top of those providing core network security functions.

Kordia designs the network to meet your business’ specific requirements and looks after it end-to-end on a 24/7, 365 days per year basis.
Kordia designs the network to your requirements but allows you, or your integrator, to make service changes within agreed parameters.
SD-Wan Ready
Kordia takes care of the core network connectivity, while you implement your own choice of SD-WAN and manage this in-house.
Working with Kordia is awesome. They're big enough to be rock solid and stable but small enough to be able to get the person you want on the phone when you need them.
Mark Thorn
GM of Information Services
Four reasons why Kordia’s Intelligent WAN supports superior connectivity 33-min

Four reasons why Kordia’s Intelligent WAN supports superior connectivity

In a hybrid working world, many employees work from hot desks and rely on superior Wi-Fi connections that let them transition from their home to their office desk, meeting rooms to customer offices. They need flexibility without losing connectivity, as well as always-on access to business-critical applications - introducing Kordia’s Intelligent WAN.


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