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Building connections you can trust, that make our digital world more secure, reliable and resilient.

Kordia is a 100% NZ-owned and operated business that is committed to keeping Kiwi businesses secure online 

Cybercrime is on the rise, with cyber-attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and more frequent than ever before. While many New Zealand businesses might think they're not an attractive target for cybercriminals, the reality is more than a third of Kiwi businesses have suffered a cyber security breach over the past year, and half were successfully targeted by a ransomware attack*.

For many businesses, it's hard to know where to start when it comes to defending themselves... that's where Cyber Security by Kordia comes in.  

*Aura Information Security Market Research Report, November 2020’


At Kordia, we take a holistic approach to ensuring our customers’ information and technology systems are secure and attack-ready. Our offering centres around three key areas: 

Insight & Response

Visibility of your network and insight into real-time threats - a capability provided our managed security team, with active threats monitored 24/7 from our Security Operations Centre (SOC). Plus, incident handling, security advice and rapid response assistance if required.



Expert advice on how to better defend your business against cyber-attacks, provided by Kordia's in-house team of managed security and cloud security experts, and our independent cyber security division, Aura Information Security.



Best-in-breed services and solutions - including consultancy, CREST certified penetration testing, incident response, cloud security, firewall services, and more - all designed to defend your business against a growing number of cyber threats. 


Working without boundaries requires new security boundaries

The rise of remote working poses new security threats to businesses. Never before have businesses had to be so reliant on connectivity and collaboration tools. By adopting a Zero Trust approach, businesses can remove the added risk remote working brings by better controlling who has access to their business-critical information.


To help keep our customers secure, we've brought together an in-house team of expert security consultants and engineers. This team is supported by our independent cyber security division - Aura Information Security - and provides a wide range of services to our clients, including: 


CREST Certified Penetration Testing


Managed Security & SOC


Incident Response & Handling


Policy & Procedure Development


Cloud Security 


Virtual VSO


Education & Training




Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) & Zero Trust Policy Planning


Framework Compliance, including NIST, HISF.



Cloud Security

Many New Zealand businesses have embraced the cloud, but too many mistakenly believe that putting their data in the cloud automatically adds an extra layer of security. Over the past year, a quarter of New Zealand businesses that store data in the cloud said they’d suffered a data breach*.

The team at EMRGE, Kordia’s specialist cloud division, have a proven track record in delivering business-critical infrastructure and cloud technology projects to a wide range of New Zealand businesses. Together with the team at Aura Information Security, EMRGE can help your business ensure its cloud environment is secure by design, and performing as efficiently and effectively as possible.

*Aura Information Security Market Research Report, November 2020’


The Information Security Specialists

Kordia customers benefit from the expertise of New Zealand’s leading cyber-security business – Aura Information Security. 

Aura's primary focus is to create a secure digital environment for New Zealand businesses to operate in. They do this by providing expert advice and taking a proactive role in educating and guiding businesses through what can be a daunting online environment.

Aura is a 'Primary Supplier' on all 5 categories within the DIA ICT Security & Related Services panel and is a CREST provider in New Zealand and Australia. Aura has offices in Wellington, Auckland and Melbourne; the Aura team consists of more than 30 talented individuals – all of which have been hand-selected from around the world and bring their own unique expertise.

RedShield_logo 2020-1


Security vulnerabilities in your applications can easily be exploited by cybercriminals to steal sensitive information, damaging your reputation and potentially resulting in fines.

Fixing vulnerabilities can be time-consuming and expensive, and as a result, it often gets delayed, deprioritised, or even ignored. RedShield is an award-winning, fully-managed service that protects web facing systems such as online applications, eCommerce platforms and customer portals.

RedShield remediates your applications' vulnerabilities at speed and scale, meaning your security and development teams can focus on revenue-generating work. Kordia is the exclusive agent for RedShield in New Zealand and Australia.


Accelerate, optimise & secure your business

Quadfecta - Full

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, with more than a third of Kiwi businesses suffering a cyber security breach over the past year, and half being successfully targeted by a ransomware attack*. It’s not a matter of if your business will be attacked, it’s a matter of when.

Kordia has New Zealand’s most comprehensive suite of security products and services, provided by an in-house team of experts who have made it their mission to create an online environment where New Zealand businesses can thrive.

*Aura Information Security Market Research Report November 2020.


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For any business, having fast, reliable, and secure network connectivity is critical. With its own nationwide network, an in-house team of expert engineers and technicians, and partnerships with all the major cloud providers, Kordia is trusted to keep some of New Zealand’s most well-known brands ‘best-connected’, something it does through a wide range of services and solutions. Kordia’s solutions include:


Cloud Connectivity


SecureWAN & SD-WAN




4G Failover


Internet of Things


Diverse access


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Cloud Transformation

Modern businesses need their IT environment to be flexible, powerful, and reliable. This is where the cloud excels. However, by default, cloud enablement projects are often difficult to manage. You need to know where to start, what new technologies to leverage, and how to translate these ideas into tangible business benefits.

That’s where Kordia’s in-house cloud division EMRGE can help. EMRGE is a specialist cloud migration and transformation consultancy, delivering business-critical infrastructure and cloud technology projects. The team provide strategic planning, architecture, design, implementation and managed services for businesses and organisations of all sizes. 


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Modern Workplace

Today’s complex business landscape has given rise to the ‘modern workplace’ – one that centres around the need for employees to work anywhere, anytime, on a device that suits them, with robust security end to end. To do this effectively, businesses need a trusted technology partner by their side.

Kordia’s in-house team of experts work alongside a wide range of businesses to help them navigate their digital transformation journey effectively and securely – regardless of how far along they are. From 24/7 desktop support, hardware & device procurement to Modern Workplace Strategy & Design, our independent divisions Base2 and EMRGE have you covered.


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The State of the Cyber Nation
Are you adequately managing the security of your cloud environments?
Are you considering how #WFH affects your business’ cyber security?
How can you reduce the risk of ransomware in your organisation?
Do your employees know how to be cyber safe?

Cyber Security Market Research Report 2021

We asked more than 360 it decision makers from businesses across new zealand to provide some insight into cyber security within their business. Here’s what they told us.
The landscape for cyber security risks is ever-increasing. Now more than ever a culture of resilience - using people, process and technology - is the best way to constantly strengthen a business' cyber defences.
Hilary Walton
CISO, Kordia Group

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