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Here’s how to get your staff clued up on cyber security

4/12/2017 10:59:39 AM | By Aura Information Security

Last week's Cyber Smart Week, New Zealand’s cyber security awareness week, highlighted what your company should be doing to boost its defence against cyber threats.

How does your cyber security stack up against other Kiwi businesses?

4/12/2017 10:51:28 AM | By Aura Information Security

Earlier this year, we began surveying over 220 business IT decision makers from organisations across New Zealand (with 20+ employees) about their cyber security posture.

Why Culture is Key to Effective Cyber Security

27/11/2017 2:24:50 PM | By Aura Information Security

Cyber security is like a chain. The strength of your defences are often measured by the weakest link and in most cases this link is people. Human error, oversight – or plain old gullibility – are a hacker’s dream. But, by establishing a pervasive cyber security culture this weak link can be hardened, heading off a good proportion of potentially successful malware attacks.

Are high profile ransomware attacks the new ‘normal’?

21/11/2017 1:30:15 PM | By Aura Information Security

The recent high profile WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks not only shook up the global business world, they also signalled what could be a shift to the new ‘normal’ – that is where malware authors are setting out to achieve their goal, whether that be led by financial gain or the desire to cause widespread disruption – as fast as possible through massive coordinated attacks.

What is Red Teaming?

9/11/2017 4:10:17 PM | By Aura Information Security

In the world of cyber security, ‘Red Teaming’ is an exercise that is designed to benchmark an organisations’ security controls and processes, particularly around physical security (for example access to buildings and computers / data held within it), general security awareness of staff, network security, procedures, and monitoring.  

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