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Innovating in an evolving market

We have been providing radio and television broadcast services in some of the world's most difficult geographic locations for more than 60 years.

We work in the background, providing the network infrastructure and maintenance behind the scenes. But we’re also at the forefront of the industry, driving progress and innovation across all areas of broadcast, network and media solutions. You can trust us to get your content into homes and businesses across the country.

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Pop up TV

Want to take your next event, announcement or AGM to an even bigger audience? Why not do so over your very own Pop Up TV channel.

Kordia provides a unique and affordable service that lets you stand up your own temporary Freeview TV channel – whether it be for one hour, one day, or one week – and beam your news or event to viewers located around New Zealand. Ideal for events such as product launches, sporting events, festivals, cultural celebrations and more. Tune in and view upcoming programmes on Kordia's Pop up TV channel 200.

Broadcast television


Television customers want good service — always. We deliver content to millions of New Zealand homes every day. Do you remember the last time that network went down?

We’ve introduced Digital Television Transmission (DTT) and our services are full end-to-end, distributing content across our digital network to the main broadcast sites around New Zealand. Our content services team can get real-time video out of almost any location in New Zealand.

Broadcast radio


We deliver millions of hours of radio across New Zealand. From the introduction of radio to New Zealand in the 1920s to the arrival of FM in the 1980s and through to today's diverse radio landscape, Kordia has been the leading provider of radio transmission.

We provide FM transmission services to the majority of New Zealand’s radio broadcasters and offer a managed service which works with you on your coverage and market objectives.



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