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Ready to Respond

If your business was crippled tomorrow by a major cyber-attack, would your team be ready to act? How and when will you communicate with your customers, board, third parties and the public? Who will keep regulators informed? What is the threshold for Serious Harm when deciding if its a reportable breach, How will you go about restoring your data? Will you pay a ransom to a cybercriminal if there is no other option?  

And of course the most important questions, how long can business operations continue and what is the likely impact of this incident?

With over half of NZ businesses reporting cyber incidents last year*, being able to respond rapidly and effectively to a security incident is paramount. In the face of a cyber-attack, our highly skilled and experienced incident response team are the people you want on hand when your business needs it most.

*NZ Business Cyber Security Report 2023

Prepared to Act

To manage a cyber breach event effectively we offer two critical programmes focused on cyber readiness and response.

Being ready to act when a cyber-attack occurs is critical. It will help reduce the impact on key staff, mitigate reputational and financial damage, and ensure you’re focused on supporting internal and external customers whilst managing key stakeholders and any regulatory obligations. We offer a fully documented process, practise and procedure package containing guidance to assist both the operational, digital forensic and technical functions of your business. This will enable you to better detect, analyse, contain, eradicate and recover from any incident. Our Team seek transnational and local threat intelligence from sources including the internet, dark web and also government agencies to better inform you of the threats directed toward your industry.
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We focus on getting things up-and-running as quickly as possible, so you can get back to business. Our real-world experience has enabled us to understand how critical it is to have the right skills focused on both the operational and technical components of incident response management. Our response service involves real-time incident guidance and assistance from both our technical, digital forensic and operational teams, to support and guide your existing staff and a virtual 'Incident Operations Room' in which to co-ordinate and manage. This can include anything from an investigation perspective, including suspicious emails.
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Be ready to act when a Cyber-attack occurs

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Tailored Cyber Readiness and Response Framework

We form an intimate understanding of your business to craft and tailor a readiness package offering policy recommendations, Service desk Triage, an executive checklist, and a communications guide.

Our approach also includes coordinated tasks, incident planning, and information collection for a thorough understanding of your technical environment. Our playbooks will direct targeted actions. We also provide cyber training and table-top exercises to the board, executive and technical teams, to better prepare your people for inevitable. Regular catch ups keep you informed on evolving threats and trends, and to assess any changes to your technology and infrastructure.


Get back up and running as quick as possible

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Our highly skilled team are on hand to assist and support your business with the management of an incident, by assisting you with the facilitation and organisation of the response. We play a key role in your response with proactive and reactive support that arms you with best practice, as well as digital forensic and technology based consultancy.  

In the early stages of an incident, our focus lies on command, control, and communications. If necessary, we can discuss Threat Actor communication. Additionally, we can liaise with entities like NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), NZ Police, PR Companies and other relevant parties on your behalf. 

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Our highly skilled consultants will assist your technical teams across all the relevant technical streams, such as security, network, infrastructure, and operations. We’re standing alongside you to help resolve the technical issues and equip you with the tools to get back to operations. 

Using our combined investigative mind set, threat intelligence feeds, Forensic capacity and ability to hunt for malware, we will be better prepared to report on the true impact of any malware intrusion and restore peace of mind. 

Promo-Cyber Checklist

Executive Incident Response Checklist

When a cyber-attack or security breach happens, you need to be ready to respond. Download our checklist to ensure you’re prepared.

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