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cloud pbx

ultimate flexibility


If you want the full range of features associated with a voice PBX service, but don't want the cost and hassle of hosting it on-premise, Kordia Cloud PBX offers a comprehensive, feature-rich phone system that will keep your business humming.  


Built for today's 'On-The-Go' workforce 

Technology should help your business to improve efficiency and serve your customers better, not hamper it. Thankfully the days of having a dusty old phone system taking up much-needed space, and with a mess of wires hanging out, are a thing of the past. 

Kordia Cloud PBX provides greater flexibility for businesses with a mostly mobile workforce by identifying who's free to take a call, so you can rest-assured you're providing your customers with the best service possible.  

Plus, by implementing a corporate-quality phone system that's housed in the cloud, rather than on-premise, your business saves on both capex and operational costs.  

Get your PBX out of the cupboard and into the cloud.  To find out out how you can get free calling for the first six months, get in touch with us today. (T's& C's apply)



Is to build connections you can trust
You’re about to invest time and money in making your business operations more secure; but how do you know where to focus your efforts? And how will you know if you’ve been successful? Even with the best security products in place, the absence of an effective cyber security policy, or lack of staff training, may mean sensitive information can still be lost due to deceptive criminal behaviour or employee error. That’s why you need to engage a specialist information security consultancy like Aura.
Imagine someone has gained access to your computer systems and refuses to give you access until you pay a ransom; or even worse, someone has access to your systems and you don’t even know about it. If your own commercial information, as well as that of your customers, is compromised, it’s a ticking time-bomb — one that could be catastrophic for your business. Cyber security by Kordia enables you to: Protect your network with SecureWan and Managed Firewall, your applications with RedShield and your data with SecureVault.
Insight & response
In today’s world, it’s not a matter of if your security systems will be breached, but when. Kordia Unified Security Management helps businesses rapidly identify a breach and take immediate action to minimise the damage via a platform that provides essential security capabilities in a single console; all under pinned by our Security Operations Centre.
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    With an intuitive interface, Kordia Cloud PBX is simple to use. Plus, features such as being able to set calls to follow staff when they roam, or redirect to others, makes the best use of your workforce; and ensures customers' calls don't go unanswered.


    Empower your receptionist to control your phone system - whether that be from a mobile app or web browser, anywhere, anytime. Make changes - such as adding and removing users - instantly without having to wait for your phone provider to schedule it in. It's that simple!


    Quality conference calling eliminates the need for everyone to be in the same room for a meeting. Plus, real-time reporting provides valuable insight into your business' operations, including the status and location of your team, allowing you to make better decisions.


    Because it's cloud-based, you benefit from a more resilient phone system - with diverse call paths and backup power. There's also peace of mind in knowing that your phone system is managed by IT professionals and is regularly updated with the latest features and security patches.

The Information Security Specialists

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