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DIA welcomes Kordia to Marketplace

By  Kordia,
 9 February 2021

Kordia is pleased to announce it is open for business on the Department of Internal Affairs Marketplace for Information Security Professional Services – in the category of ICT Security Incident Response, Investigation and Forensics.

Marketplace is a Government supplier board, making Kordia a ‘pre-approved’ professional service provider for Government agencies and state-owned enterprises.

Kordia Head of Security Products, Julie Ware, says this will open the door to a range of new opportunities.

“Together, Kordia and its independent cyber security division, Aura Information Security, provide New Zealand’s most comprehensive suite of security products and services. It’s great to see Kordia as an approved information security provider on the Marketplace and we forward to working with our future customers.”

You can find Kordia on the Department for Internal Affairs Marketplace at: