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Easiest way to set up two factor auth

By  Scott La Franchie,
 28 January 2016


Last week I posted about how important two factor authorisation (2FA) is for any account you use for either personal or professional reasons.

A few people dropped me direct messages asking how to turn these functions on for their various accounts so I thought it would be worth putting some direct links up to some of the more commonly used personal services.


Check out these links to add 2FA to your accounts:


The setup steps are pretty much the same process for each site with some mild differences and choices, but the end result is the same. You will now have authorisation codes sent to your mobile when logging into your account from a new device to confirm you aren’t some shady hacker.


Don’t get too lax though. Remember a strong password is still the key first line of defence in protecting your privacy. Check out this link about choosing a strong password.