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How our Best-Connected strategy helps business keep pace

By  Kordia,
 1 February 2023

There’s no denying that many Kiwi businesses are going "all in” on cloud as part of their digital transformation strategies. With the rapid pace of transformation has come the need for secure, uninterrupted access to critical cloud-based resources. 

Kordia recognised this a number of years ago when we embarked on our Best-Connected strategy that saw us clock up a series of firsts in New Zealand, such as the delivery of Microsoft Express Route, Azure Peering service and AWS Direct Connect.

A few years on and Kordia is still ensuring Kiwi businesses have the best performing connections to underpin their success – whether that be to public, private or hybrid cloud. 

Connectivity has strategic advantages
Data is the currency of a cloud first world. Businesses can now capitalise on real-time customer data as well as vast stores of historical data to make fast and accurate business decisions for market advantage.

The ability to acquire, analyse and act on this information will be a key factor in determining who will be market leaders. This infers a level of reliability and trust in these networks and who provides them.

As businesses continue to invest in cloud-first technology, these applications will require secure, high-bandwidth, low-latency network performance; this again puts the focus on network quality and performance as businesses deal with data-intensive workloads and the need for real-time data.

Kordia’s ‘Best-Connected’ strategy recognises this and ensures businesses are connected directly to both private and public cloud infrastructure with the option of internet based or private connections so you can be confident of a network that supports application and end user performance. In fact, many common cloud-based applications are now on-net Kordia end-to-end.  This removes unnecessary latency, contention and points of failure.

Best-Connected to Microsoft 
Kordia’s partnership with Microsoft is a great example of how we’ve developed solutions to help our customers get the most from their Azure and 365 environments.

Kordia was a global launch partner for Microsoft Azure peering service in 2019, and way back in 2014 Kordia was the first Australasian telco to go live on Microsoft’s ExpressRoute service. Add Kordia’s support for MicrosoftTeams in the form of Direct Route and Operator Connect (via its exclusive partnership in NZ with Pure-IP) it means that all of Microsoft applications are now on-net Kordia.  

For our Microsoft customers, this means that they can be sure that their connection to Microsoft services are secure and that they perform reliably and consistently. As business unlock the power of the cloud, such as transmitting tremendous volumes of data into Azure for processing and storage, or delivering real-time data analysis; speed and resilience becomes critical for performance. By reducing latency and eliminating congestion for customers, Kordia fulfils the brief for businesses needing high-quality connectivity to the Microsoft cloud. 

Kordia’s dedicated Cloud and Security teams are able to assist customers transition to the cloud and remain confident that they are transacting securely.

Microsoft ANZ Partner Director Matt Bostwick says that partners like Kordia are at the forefront of enabling and executing a cloud first business strategy.

“Kiwi businesses are realising the potential that hyperscale cloud brings – with advantages gained in productivity, efficiency, and innovation. Partners like Kordia provide the connectivity that enables customers to seize opportunities in the cloud, making it more accessible than ever.”

Meeting hyperscale connectivity needs
As public cloud spending hits new highs, Kordia is well placed to help Kiwi business take advantage of local hyperscale datacentres and public cloud offerings reaching our shores. 

Most recently, Kordia has added a 100G fibre ring to connect New Zealand’s first hyper scales CDC data centres, which opened earlier this year, to the Kordia network. Via our voice partner PureIP, we have also added a direct connection to Zoom Phone for customers wanting a Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) solution.

With a new Microsoft hyperscale datacentre region opening here soon, and other big public cloud players indicating their interest in investing in NZ, Kordia is continuing to look at building the best connections to support any cloud strategy. 

With a range of solutions on offer, with Kordia as your connectivity partner, you be confident that you have a foundation laid down for success from day one when embarking and furthering on their cloud journey.

If you need further support to refine your connectivity to enable your digital transformation goals, talk to your Kordia account manager.