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Kordia launches direct connection to Google Cloud with Partner Interconnect

By  Media Release,
 8 December 2019


Kordia is now one of the first New Zealand companies to offer direct connection for New Zealand businesses to Google Cloud services with Partner Interconnect.



Through Partner Interconnect, traffic between on-site networks and Google Cloud does not use the public Internet. Instead, it travels via a direct route on Kordia’s private network. This means fewer points of failure where traffic might usually get dropped or disrupted and offers the added benefit of increased security and management functionality.

Partner Interconnect enables large data transfers between networks, which can be more cost-effective than purchasing additional bandwidth over the public internet. Governed by Service Level Agreements, these data transfers also offer reliable service.

Kordia’s Head of Product, Murray Goodman, says Partner Interconnect means your services in the cloud perform as well as if they were in the room next door. “Plenty of New Zealand organisations use multiple Google business services, including G Suite, Google Cloud Platform and Google Analytics,” he says.

“More businesses are pursuing a cloud strategy as they want to achieve unparalleled reliability, resilience and data protection. With direct connections like those from Partner Interconnect, customers are assured of the best possible performance.”

Google Cloud has an active channel program in New Zealand with over two dozen companies including Dynamo6 (one of the few to achieve Premier Partner status) taking its enterprise Platform as a Service and other solutions to market.

CEO of IT service provider Dynamo6, Igor Matich, has welcomed Kordia’s introduction of Partner Interconnect. “This addition means we’re able to leverage Google Cloud Platform easily. Going straight into its data centres via dedicated private connections means speed, reliability and predictability which isn’t possible from a public connection,” says Matich.

“This will boost the use of Google Cloud’s services in New Zealand. There are multiple unique advantages to Google Cloud that developers and end-user customers are looking for, including data analysis and artificial intelligence, distributed computing and open source technologies. Kordia’s direct connection settles any questions about the performance of access to these technologies and services.”

Even though there are businesses excited to jump on board with cloud services, there are still those wary of the systems. Goodman says the biggest perceived risk of moving to the cloud is the fact that applications are no longer housed in an on-site server room.

“Cloud services only perform as well as the network allows. When using public networks, latency can frustrate users and reflect poorly on IT managers who really don’t want complaints about service degradation. Direct connections to services businesses use today reduces cloud migration risk and puts the full power of these platforms within reach of Kiwi organisations.”

Google Cloud Partner Interconnect is available for Kordia customers now.