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Kordia makes the move into the new CDC Data centres

By  Media Release,
 16 August 2022

Kordia, one of the anchor Telco partners of the new CDC data centres, has also become one of the first businesses to move live production data into the new hyperscale data centres.

“The state-of-the-art CDC data centres present a significant step in cloud computing for our country, bringing a world class level of performance previously unheard of in New Zealand, to cover both customers’ private and public cloud needs,” says Aaron Olphert, Chief Digital Officer at Kordia.

“We’re working with our customers on how we can help them migrate, connect to, and secure data and infrastructure within the new data centres, so they can take advantage of the world class cloud solutions on offer.”

The two new hyper-scale data centres represent the most secure data centres of their type in New Zealand. Built specifically with national critical infrastructure providers, enterprises and government agencies in mind, the facilities meet the highest levels of security and availability, providing a 100% SLA availability of service guarantee to its customers.

Olphert says the new facilities will meet many of the core requirements businesses are looking for when it comes to digital transformation.

“Business trends and demands are shaping what our customers need from their cloud strategy. Alongside critical requirements, such as availability and performance, the data centres present other advantages for modern business situations – such as reduced environmental impact, data sovereignty, and resilience, which is key for any governance, risk, and continuity planning.

“This is complemented by our ‘Best Connected’ strategy, providing direct connections to workloads that support the speed, security, performance and resilience needed to take full advantage of the performance benefits the hyperscale data centre offers.”

With large hyper-scale (10 plus megawatts per data centre) capability, the new data centres are approximately 4x larger than any other facility in New Zealand, giving customers greater efficiencies and scales of economies when it comes to their future IT delivery needs.

Olphert says Kordia is in an excellent position to offer customers a wealth of services to take advantage of the new data centres – from solution architecture and migration consultancy through to connectivity and security services.

“By partnering with Kordia, our customers can leverage our inhouse expertise to develop and execute a successful plan for any cloud migration, including app modernisation and digital transformation. Through on consultative approach we can help businesses find the best optimisation of solution, performance, and total cost of ownership to meet their objectives.”