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Is notification fatigue affecting your security posture?

By  Scott La Franchie,
 18 February 2020


When talking to our customers about the impact of cyber-crime on their business last year, many felt overwhelmed by the increasing volume of security alerts demanding immediate attention. 'Notification Fatigue' is a new trend occurring in small to medium sized businesses throughout New Zealand.

In our annual Cyber Security Market Survey, we saw a 10% increase in the number of businesses affected by cyber-attacks, yet the level of confidence to monitor and respond to these threats was decreasing year on year. Businesses cited complex security systems and inadequate policies as compounding the issue.


What’s more, smaller organisations don’t often have dedicated headcount devoted to security. In the latest State of the CIO survey by CIO New Zealand, an overwhelming majority of ANZ respondents cited how their roles are expanding, with 80% now responsible for security, and 60% tasked with data and privacy compliance.


Even one missed patch or security update can have a catastrophic impact on your business. Most attacks and exploits take advantage of outdated systems and third-party applications, exploiting known vulnerabilities that often have an update available weeks before the breach. A classic example of this is the recent Toll Group ransomware attack, which caused major disruption to the company’s IT systems and severe delays to their customer’s deliveries.


The good news is that ‘Notification Fatigue’ can be overcome when your network security and IT systems are tuned to your specific business needs, providing IT teams with the necessary information to respond and prioritise according to risk.


But to do this effectively long term, you'll need a well-planned security strategy,

ongoing staff training and a clear incident response plan in place.


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A better way to stay on top off threats?

Alternatively, many kiwi businesses are choosing a new way to strengthen their security posture by partnering with an external security services provider like Kordia, who can monitor and manage this for them.


With NZ’s most comprehensive range of security products and services on the market, we enable Kiwi businesses like yours, to thrive in the digital world securely.


Our Auckland based Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides 24/7 monitoring, incident handling, security advice and rapid response assistance so your business and customer data has the protection it needs.


If you’re weighing up your options, come visit our SOC for an in-depth demonstration of how we work. Discuss your specialised needs with our team of highly trained experts, and we’ll work on a plan of how to tackle the ever increasing digital threats facing your business.