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Why businesses need to design security into new solutions

By  Aura Information Security,
 14 February 2018

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Imagine trying to retrofit seatbelts, airbags, and crumple zones to the design of your car – sounds hard, doesn’t it?

When you buy a car, you expect that the manufacturer has considered all those safety features before they started thinking about performance and aesthetics. The same should apply when implementing a new IT system.

This is becoming increasingly important as more and more companies come to understand the value of software and robust IT in driving them forward.

Too many companies fail to consider cyber security from the start

It’s true that the security aspect of any new IT system probably isn’t going to be the thing that gets the project team excited.

Security relies heavily on people and process – and everyone is likely to be focused on designing and building the amazing technology rather than the security of it. Unfortunately, it’s precisely this sort of short-term thinking that leaves vulnerabilities in your IT that can be easily exploited by cyber-criminals.

Unfortunately, for many businesses it often takes a negative experience to put the topic of information security on the agenda. Aura’s team is regularly called upon at the eleventh hour to help remediate security vulnerabilities that could have easily been fixed much earlier in the project.


Integrating security is a 4-phase process

Factoring in security from the start enables businesses to identify potential risks in the early stages, and remediate vulnerabilities when it is most cost and time effective. It’s about proactively managing your information security risk throughout the project, which, in turn, enables you to deliver a secure outcome to your business. At Aura, being ‘Secure by Design’ is considered a four-phase process.

  1. Design Phase

Potential security risks are identified by software and infrastructure security architects.

  1. Build Phase

Our consultants help you check that you are building your systems in a secure way.

  1. Test Phase

The team carries out an end-to-end penetration test to ensure any remaining security flaws are remediated and you have full visibility.

  1. Operate Phase

Ongoing analysis, reporting and security optimisation occurs for the duration of the system’s operating life.

If you don’t have visibility of the information security risk you are introducing, then you are potentially leaving your business’ crown jewels on a silver platter for cyber-criminals. And, while being 'Secure by Design" is just one way businesses can achieve better visibility of unknown vulnerabilities, ultimately its about ensuring all bases are covered - and the only way to do that is by having an effective cyber security strategy in place.


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