RedShield Express Package

Quickly secure your most important applications, then easily build over time.

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How secure are your valuable web-facing applications?

The range of available application security testing technologies in the market is vast. However, regardless of the technology you choose to employ, your team will still need a wide range of skills to use the assessment tools you have chosen effectively. These include:

  • Ensuring scanners are updated continuously
  • Removing and tuning for false-positives
  • Summarising results and risk reporting
  • Mapping results for prioritisation and risk scoring
  • Undertaking remediation via a plan of action
  • Continuous monitoring of the daily changing threat landscape

New vulnerability findings are published every day. The race is on for threat actors to pick their exploits versus your ability to choose where (and how) to defend your business-critical applications.

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RedShield succeeds where a do-it-yourself approach may fail

RedShield allows you to run your application in a cloud environment without having to become a cloud or application security expert. 


The RedShield Express Package

Kordia's RedShield Express Package is ideal for businesses who want the ability to quickly secure their most important applications, and easily build this over time.

The package includes: 

1. Discovery & defining: A perimeter hygiene assessment to uncover all known vulnerabilities;

2. Developing: Baseline shields deployed to remediate known vulnerabilities, custom shields developed and deployed for your application-specific issues identified;

3. Testing: Shields tested to ensure the effectiveness of the solution and ensure that functionality is retained 

4. Ongoing monitoring and tuning: We proactively monitor, learn and adjust - ready to tune or implement any changes rapidly in the face of new CVES (common vulnerabilities & threats).


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