Internet of Things

Improve customer experiences by gaining critical insight and control while working smarter and increasing productivity.

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IoT solutions suited to every application

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to dramatically change the way businesses use technology to help streamline processes, lower costs and create a competitive advantage. Our customers are often surprised by how easy and cost effective it is to undertake a proof of concept and get their business started on its own IoT journey. 

IoT opens up a range of previously unimagined opportunities. It enables your business to gain critical insight and control, work smarter, be more productive and keep track of items; and in turn, improve the overall customer experience.

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With more and more examples of IoT in action coming to light, many New Zealand businesses are looking for a network that has both the coverage and capacity to connect thousands, or millions, of low cost devices; and manage them in a simple, secure and efficient manner. That’s where Kordia comes in. Our network spans the length and breadth of the country – from Kaitaia to Invercargill and the Chatham Islands – and our team are experts in all things IoT.

In fact, we host internal ‘hackathons’ to develop our own device use cases for applications ranging from Portaloo tracking to charity collection box monitoring. At Kordia, we believe that there is at least one highly beneficial IoT use case for every business… It’s just a matter of finding and implementing it.

Kordia is very engaging and the professionalism has allowed us to move on to places that we haven't been before with our previous providers - we expect excellence and Kordia deliver that.
Jason Swain
GM Information Systems


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