Locate contraband mobile phones in real time.

Mobile Phone Detection

Introducing SPOT - Kordia's Mobile Phone Detection Solution

The use of mobile phones in correctional facilities is of major concern around the world. Together with drugs, mobile phones are one of the most smuggled items in prisons. Not only do they compromise the safety of the prison, but also the wider community.

On both sides of the Tasman, Kordia has specific expertise in helping authorities reduce the use of contraband mobile phones in correctional facilities. Since 2009, Kordia has been contracted to design and install mobile phone jamming systems on behalf of prison authorities in Australia and New Zealand. More recently, Kordia has developed and successfully deployed a detection solution called SPOT that locates mobile phones down to a prison cell.  

Mobile phones raise significant security concerns as they can be used to arrange escapes, threaten and intimidate witnesses or victims, traffic contraband, and facilitate communication with offenders outside a correctional centre.
The Corrective Services Administrators' Council

mobile phone detection Key Benefits
Accurate detection
Accurate detection to target search efforts more effectively.
Visibility of the extent of contraband at local and head office level.
Secure & Private
Privacy of inmates, visitors or staff is upheld at all times. No private information is collected.
Complete compatibility with existing jamming systems and other non-cellular communications.
Simple deployment
Simple deployment as no spectrum or mobile operator approval is required.


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