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Why your staff are your biggest cyber security weakness

By  Aura Information Security,
 30 October 2017

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The cost of cybercrime to Kiwi businesses is estimated to be between $250-400 million each year. Add to this the fact that more than one hundred New Zealand companies are targeted by cyber-attacks every single day and you have a stark reminder of why it’s crucial for businesses to secure their data. However, something that isn’t as widely known is the main cause of attacks – human error.

Over 90% of cyber-attacks begin with a “phishing” email, in which an employee clicks on an unsafe link. This is just one example of how a general lack of cyber security awareness is putting companies at risk of becoming the victim of a breach – one that could cause significant damage to reputation, impact customer trust; and in some cases, lead to loss of revenue.


Cyber security starts with education 

Strengthening your business’ cyber security requires arming your staff with the right knowledge to:

  • Spot potentially harmful or malicious links
  • Create strong passwords
  • Only grant access to secure areas to authorised people
  • Avoid unwittingly giving out sensitive information
  • Be aware of common techniques and tricks used by cybercriminals

The first step is building a strong company culture that’s focused on cyber security best practice. 


Tom Moore, Practice Manager at Aura Information Security, talks about where to start with cyber security awareness. 

One way leading companies are improving their overall security posture, is by putting their cyber defences to the test with a Red Team attack. This is a simulated cyber-attack which identifies any weaknesses in your cyber security so you can take action to fix these, before cybercriminals have a chance to exploit them.

To find out more about how you can put your business’ defences to the ultimate test, download our Introduction to Red Teaming guide.

Aura Red Team Guide