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Cyber Security BY KORDIA 

The world we live in is increasingly connected  

Protecting the networks and information your business depends on from cyber threats and data breaches is paramount. No business that operates online is exempt from attack. Commercial losses, a damaged reputation or disruption to operations are all possible when your business is the victim of a cyber-attack.

For many companies looking to prevent this, knowing where to start or what to do is bewildering. But doing nothing is no longer an option. Kordia has a number of options to help you navigate this minefield. From cyber-security consultancy and penetration testing to incident response systems, firewall services and insight and advice - all of which can be tailored to meet your specific security needs and budget. We are an exclusive agent for RedShield, a fully-managed web-shielding service, which adds an extra layer of security to your business' web-facing applications. We also have access to some of the world’s best cyber security experts.





    Aura Cyber-Security Essentials

    With a focus on people, process and technology, Aura Security Essentials is an information security service that offers you a sound foundation of cyber hygiene measures and controls designed to mitigate the risk from common internet-based threats. Resolving these issues reduces the likelihood of a data or privacy breach.

    • Gap Analysis
    • Internal Inventory
    • Policy Review and Creation
    • Password Audit
    • Security Hotline
    • Network Vulnerability Assessment


    RedShield is an award winning, fully-managed service that protects web facing systems such as online applications, eCommerce platforms and customer portals. It adds an extra layer of security to your business. Kordia is the exclusive agent for RedShield in New Zealand and Australia.

    • Website Shielding as a Service
    • PCI-DSS Compliance
    • DDoS Mitigation
    • 24/7 Security Operations & Support
    • Next Generation Web Application Firewall
    • Application Change Management

    Aura CyberWise online training

    When it comes to online security, people are the new perimeter. In an interconnected world, its no longer viable to assume staff will refrain from interacting with the world outside of your organisations security systems; and its almost impossible to monitor. Employees are often the easiest way for hackers to gain access to a business. So how cyber aware are your staff? CyberWise is an online cyber-security training programme developed specifically for employees so you can quickly train your existing workforce, or any new staff as part of their induction.

    • Industry best practice
    • Visibility & reporting
    • Cost effective
    • Simple and self-paced
    • Organisation wide
    • Cyber security education and awareness

    Secure WAN

    Kordia SecureWan makes it easy to add services and applications, without complex network upgrades or design changes. As applications run across a single network it is much easier to obtain network security, efficiency and diversity. At Kordia, we firmly believe security shouldn’t be an afterthought - it should be baked in. We call this being ‘best connected’ and SecureWan ticks all these boxes and more.

    • Internet
    • Diverse Links
    • Security Add-ons
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Private Network
    • 4G Failover

    Secure Vault Backup & Restore

    ‘Downtime’ is a word no business wants to hear. Backup and restore your critical data with ease in a highly-secure environment. Immediate recovery ensures business continuity in the event of data loss - whether it be due to system failure or criminal activity. In the event of a major IT disaster, data can also be restored remotely or by copying your data to a removable disc drive and physically delivering it to the new site.

    • Agentless Architecture
    • Local Storage
    • De-duplicaton/Compression
    • Monitoring & Reporting
    • Automated Scheduling
    • DS-User GUI - Powered by Asigra


    The foundation of our Managed Firewall service is the management portal which allows Kordia to manage all your firewall security services from a single pane of glass. This also allows customers to self-manage some, or all, of their security environment without having to worry about complex development, maintenance, or retaining highly-skilled security personnel.

    • Firewall Policies
    • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
    • Web Filtering
    • Secure Remote Access
    • Antivirus (AV)
    • Application Control


    When it comes to cyber-security, the best defense is a good offense. That’s where Kordia comes in. Our goal is to provide complete security visibility and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence from AlienVault Labs and their Open Threat Exchange. Our Unified Security Management platform provides essential security capabilities in a single console, giving you everything you need to identify and manage both compliance and threats. This is underpinned by Kordia’s security professionals who are on standby 24/7 for incident response and management.

    • Security Operations Centre (SOC)
    • SIEM Security Intelligence
    • Behavioural Monitoring
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Asset Discovery
Is to build connections you can trust

1. Advise
You’re about to invest time and money in making your business operations more secure; but how do you know where to focus your efforts? And how will you know if you’ve been successful? Even with the best security products in place, the absence of an effective cyber security policy, or lack of staff training, may mean sensitive information can still be lost due to deceptive criminal behaviour or employee error. That’s why you need to engage a specialist information security consultancy like Aura.

2. Protect
Imagine someone has gained access to your computer systems and refuses to give you access until you pay a ransom; or even worse, someone has access to your systems and you don’t even know about it. If your own commercial information, as well as that of your customers, is compromised, it’s a ticking time-bomb — one that could be catastrophic for your business. Cyber security by Kordia enables you to: Protect your network with SecureWan and Managed Firewall, your applications with RedShield and your data with SecureVault.

3. Insight & response
In today’s world, it’s not a matter of if your security systems will be breached, but when. Kordia Unified Security Management helps businesses rapidly identify a breach and take immediate action to minimise the damage via a platform that provides essential security capabilities in a single console; all under pinned by our Security Operations Centre.
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The Information

Security Specialists

Kordia customers benefit from the expertise of New Zealand’s leading cyber-security business – Aura Information Security a division of Kordia. No matter how unique your business or security requirements are, Aura’s hand-selected team of consultants will work alongside you to ensure your business is secure and protected from attack.

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RedShield is an award winning, fully-managed service that protects web facing systems such as online applications, eCommerce platforms and customer portals. It adds an extra layer of security to your business. Kordia is the exclusive agent for RedShield in New Zealand and Australia.

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