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Kordia launches NZ's first scholarship-based cyber security academy

By  Media Statement,
 1 November 2021

Kordia is working to address New Zealand’s cyber security skills shortage with the launch of its scholarship-based cyber academy.

The Kordia Cyber Academy is a six-week intensive course that will provide 12 New Zealanders with practical, hands-on training in cyber security.

Kordia Group CEO, Shaun Rendell, says the Kordia Cyber Academy focuses on developing the skill sets employers’ demand.

“Students will work alongside experts who detect and respond to actual cyber security alerts and events daily, gaining key skills that will help them enter the workforce with an impact from day one.”

Cyber-crime is at an all-time high with regular large-scale attacks and an uncountable number of smaller attacks targeting businesses and individuals each day.

This has made cyber security one of the most highly sought-after professions in the world.

Globally, there are 3.5 million unfilled cyber security jobs and less than one in four candidates are qualified to apply for these positions .

The Kordia Cyber Academy is an active measure to bolster New Zealand’s cyber security sector and nurture Kiwi talent in a rewarding and sought-after profession.

“Kordia acknowledges and embraces its leadership role and responsibility in developing cyber talent in New Zealand. The Kordia Cyber Academy is a demonstration of how we’re proactively responding. We believe through initiatives like, this we can contribute to building a more cyber resilient New Zealand,” says Rendell.

Rendell is hoping for a diverse range of people to apply for the Kordia Cyber Academy scholarships, citing that women make up less than a quarter of the global cyber security workforce .

“At Kordia, we know having a diverse staff is crucial for the success of a business. This is particularly important in the tech sector, where new ideas are constantly needed to keep up with the pace of the industry. We hope the Kordia Cyber Academy will introduce a diverse range of new talent to New Zealand’s cyber security force.

“We aren’t just looking for young people or students, but also for those who want to make career changes to make the most of the unprecedented demand for cyber security experts. Kordia’s specialists come from all walks of life, in fact, an extremely talented member of our team was recently working as a full-time chef.”

Real-world professionals from across Kordia will be involved in the training, as well as subject matter experts from globally renowned security vendors.

Alert Level permitting, it will be conducted face-to-face in central Auckland. It’s structured as 18 hours, three days a week in-lab and possible industry placement on Thursdays and/or Fridays. This provides students insight into the corporate environment and practical hands-on cyber security training.

Selection process involves an online application and a one-on-one interview. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship offer along with further details on the course and timings.

Visit the Kordia Cyber Academy on our website for more details.