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Murray Goodman

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SD-WAN: Which model is right for my business?

14/05/2018 11:51:43 AM | By Murray Goodman

If you have already considered deploying SD-WAN, you'll likely be aware of the more obvious benefits this new technology brings; and the fact it has matured to the point where you no longer need to feel your business is taking risks with early adoption of bleeding edge technology.

Have You Consulted Your Sales Manager About Your Cyber Strategy?

11/09/2017 9:21:02 AM | By Murray Goodman


Smart hackers rely on dumb people

27/06/2017 11:39:06 AM | By Murray Goodman


Last year Fortinet’s global security strategist, Derek Manky, put forward his 2017 cyber-security predictions. In this “intelligent, autonomous and difficult to detect” were the words he used to describe the next generation of malware.

The Internet of Crazy Things - From Bathrooms to Dog Collars

1/03/2017 10:48:52 AM | By Murray Goodman

IoT or the “Internet of Things” is expected to grow to around 50 Billion connected devices by 2020, if you’re anything like me you scratch your head and wonder; how, or even why?

100bps to 100Gig in one day

10/10/2016 3:10:00 PM | By Murray Goodman

Today, I found myself pondering what a diverse and exciting telecommunications industry I work in. Just this morning I was discussing with colleagues what a game changer Kordia’s new 100G North Island DWDM fibre network is.

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